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Arabic Transcripts of Holy Quran
      Scanned Arabic Transcripts are provided with help of different websites and organizations, we are trying to add different versions. If you have any Arabic Transcript in digital format that is not yet listed here, please contact us.

Introduction: Arabic Transcript alongwith Urdu Translation in form of Scaned GIF format image files by Asan Quran Tehreek. This translation generously provided by For details about this translation please click here.

Other Contributions: none

File Format:
GIF ( Image File )

Contents: Total 30 Parah in 1078 pages

Type: This Arabic Text of Quran is provided side-by-side with Urdu Translation. Meanings of each word have been highlighted by using colors. Red color Quranic text has meanings in Urdu in Red color and similarly Blue color text of Quran has meanings in Urdu in Blue color. In this way colors depict respective words meanings at the same time flow of translation is maintained.

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